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Axiomatic presents Axiojob. A powerful tool that helps you determine the value of roles within your organisation. By organising employee roles into a clearly defined grading structure you can better align pay with job value, and design an organisational framework that works to achieve your strategic objectives.

HR professionals are empowered to make better grading and pay decisions. You’ll save time and save on consultancy fees, while increasing staff engagement. Employees benefit from consistent and objective grading, which maximises internal equity. It’s the insight you need into your company’s job structure. Enjoy our system benefits from cost effectiveness, compatibility across all devices and our cloud based platform giving you 24/7 access from wherever you are in the world.

You’ll find it incredibly easy to use, with step by step navigation and on-screen guidance in case uncertainty arises. And all information is consolidated into a single report for each individual role. Axiojob is a step ahead of the competition: With a unique job comparison feature, which allows you to accurately compare different roles throughout the organisation, Setting the groundwork for fair and equitable labour practices. Axiojob uses an internationally accepted grading methodology, and can be correlated to any grading system.

New Age Job Leveling System

  • Are your organisation's job descriptions accurate?

  • Are your grades correct?

  • Is your reward structure fair and equitable?

AxioJob can help you solve these challenges.

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Cloud Based Solution

Having 24/7 access from wherever you are in the world is a must when it comes to job grading.


Cross Device Compatible

No matter if you are accessing your profile on PC or mobile, iOS or Android. AxioJob job evaluation system is available on all devices.


Easy to Use System

The AxioJob job leveling system has a user friendly interface and comes with step-by-step navigation & on-screen guidance when needed.


Job Comparison Feature

AxioJob allows you to accurately compare different roles throughout the organisation during the job classification.

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