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Axiomatic is an independent strategic consulting house that offers an outsourced payroll solution that guarantees compliance through-out Africa. Our deep technical knowledge of African taxation laws, African payrolls, African compensation and benefits offerings allow us to provide our clients with a world-class service that ensures compliance, operational efficiency and allows our clients to focuses on their core business.

The Axiomatic African Payroll Solution

Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Are you struggling to access your African payroll and HR data?

  • Are you concerned when it comes to your your compliance?

  • Do you need access to the latest secure online cloud employee self-service?

  • Would you like to achieve operational efficiency within your HR and African payroll business?

  • Do you want a partner who you can rely on to provide strategic advice in regard to your total African rewards offerings?

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The Axiomatic Payment Solution

As part of Axiomatic’s standard payroll solution, we will be providing our African Payroll clients the ability to pay their employees through-out the continue via a single and affordable payment platform. With our SARS exchange control, we ensure that your employees receive their payments regardless of where they are operating in Africa.

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Tactical Automation

Your business may have existing systems that are legacy platforms, and/or which are unable to easily exchange data to other systems. To account for this, Axiomatic deploys a specialised process whereby we develop tactical automation tools within the existing process, with the aim of increasing the accuracy and decreasing the time that certain processes take.

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Business Intelligence Reporting

The payroll platform that we use can deploy business dashboards powered by QlikView. In addition, Axiomatic BI services can assist its client but using the clients existing Business Intelligence solution or building bespoke solutions based on your unique needs.

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African Payroll health Check

Axiomatic Consultants has deep technical tax knowledge throughout Africa and client may not have an interest in changing their payroll system, but they want to affordable assess how their payrolls are operating.

Choosing a payroll service provider is fraught with danger and is a complex task where the company must ensure that the provider has the ability to pay their employees, determine and deduct the appropriate taxes, furnish General Ledger accounting records and process year-end tax reporting requirements. However, when the payroll is situated in an African country, a different level of expertise is required in order to ensure that the correct tax and statutory deductions are made as well as the successful implementation of a control mechanism to ensure that these deductions are paid timeously to the relevant authorities.

The implementation of a single payroll for all African countries is difficult. However, the competitive advantage which accrues to a company which manages to achieve this lofty objective is great - financial controls are enhanced by having a single payroll provider with one contact and one conduit for cash flow – a “One Touch Point solution”.

Consistent with our approach of solving our client’s problems, Axiomatic African Payroll was formed to ameliorate the myriad of difficulties experienced when running a payroll in multiple African countries.

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