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Axiomatic Benefits has vast knowledge and experience in design, implementation and management of employee benefit arrangements, locally and throughout Africa.

Our representation on a number of multi-national Trustee Boards and Management Committees gives us valuable insight into market trends.


Our approach is not to implement benefits for the sake of benefits, because other companies have them or because they are the flavour of the month.

We focus on appropriate benefits for a multi-generational workforce, harmonised within a total rewards framework thereby assisting our clients in attracting and retaining top talent.

We are a passionate client-centric business focusing on using technology to drive employee engagement and communication to deliver simple, easy to understand information. Regulatory compliance is observed across all industries for multi-national companies.

Axiomatic’s employee benefit offering  focuses on three areas – retirement/savings, health benefits and risk insurance benefits for all levels of employees throughout Africa from expatriates, to key local nationals and local employees. We provide independent, innovative advice and end-to-end compliant solutions making our clients employers of choice.


Axiomatic Benefits LogoOur three focus areas lets you connect with your employees in a meaningful way ensuring their basic needs are covered, whether it be an employee in Kenya or an expatriate in the Middle East!

Retirement Benefits

We provide world class, independent consulting services to employer sponsored retirement funds as well as alternative savings solutions for employees which augment retirement savings arrangements, giving employees the ability to save for shorter-term needs such as housing, education and unforeseen medical expenses.

We also provide expatriate savings schemes through our international umbrella fund enabling your expatriates to save in a hard currency of their choice no matter where they may be located globally.

Health Benefits

We offer health advisory and member engagement services within a customised and integrated solution, utilising best practice standards that are fully compliant with relevant regulation.

Our health advisory offering is a comprehensive single-vendor, end-to-end solution that enables local and multi-national companies to leverage added value and competitive advantage. Our offering is progressive, innovative and designed to compliment client goals and objectives. We focus on five key areas:

  • Strategic insight & plan design
  • Member engagement
  • Operational excellence
  • Reporting intelligence
  • Technology & innovation

Risk Benefits

Our fully customisable risk solutions throughout Africa, ensure your employees are protected in the event of unfortunate circumstances arising. Through our network of providers, we can reduce the cost of your risk benefits in Africa while still ensuring employees’ cover is not compromised.

We have risk solutions in place for your local employees as well as your expatriate workforce who require different levels of cover.