Hazel Hopkins has 30 years of employee benefits and remuneration experience and is a CFP® professional within the employee benefits discipline. Hazel joined the MIH Group in 1995 where she was responsible for establishing remuneration and benefit policies and all related resource activities in various countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. Prior to this she was a Director of Alexander Forbes responsible for a number of major corporate employee benefit accounts. Hazel established Axiomatic Consultants in 2003 to provide independent consulting services in the disciplines and continues to provide the services to companies such as MIH, MultiChoice, MWeb, MNet, Virgin Active, Transunion, Endeavour and a number of umbrella funds. She currently serves on the board of trustees of various funds of listed and non-listed companies in the capacity of chairman, principal officer or trustee. She further serves as independent fund consultant to various other funds.

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