Due to the fact that Axiomatic Benefits was able to engage personally with and enlighten the vast majority of our client’s employees in a very decentralized business with country-wide operations and branches, we have embarked on the second consecutive year of member communication presentations for our client.

Similar to last year, our presentation has been specifically tailored to give all of our client’s employees a personal learning session whereby only information relevant to the membership profile is provided in a simple, jargon-free and relaxed manner. In particular, emphasis has been placed on building financial wellness using last year’s sessions as the basis for understanding.

While we are still in the first quarter in terms of timeline to completion of this particular project, feedback thus far has been positive in respect of the attendance numbers as well as the engagement from employees in terms of queries and concerns. We are of the opinion that even negative feedback by employees (although few and far between in this instance) is a win for us and the employer as it demonstrates a degree of understanding that perhaps was not there previously.