Who Are We

Axiomatic Consultants is an independent company that specialises in furnishing a diverse range of services relating to employee benefits, strategic remuneration consulting, strategy consulting and African payroll with a very clear focus on ensuring that the advice is integrated and cohesive within the overall business of the client. Special expertise has been developed relating to international factors affecting companies that operate on a global scale.

The strategic objective of the company is to provide a world class, value added service where every effort is made to customise solutions to address specific needs whilst simultaneously ensuring that such solutions are compatible with and complement the client’s goals, strategy and business objectives. Every effort is made to ensure that our offering is progressive, innovative and is designed to furnish the client with a competitive advantage in their respective industry.

Mission Statement

We will be revered by our clients as the preferred provider

Of world-changing, insanely great and wow

Innovative advice that transforms

Our clients’ brands,

Businesses, and


Nothing is impossible.

Cast iron integrity is axiomatic and

Our culture inspires our people to discover their greatness

Our Journey

Our Roots

Axiomatic Consultants was born out of a local need for specialist Remuneration and Benefit consulting, with a focus on the international expansion of multi-national companies. Founded in 2003, Axiomatic operated purely in the remuneration and benefit space for the first five years of its existence. With an up-beat economy and acquisitions and investments on the rise, as our clients grew, so did we. By 2013, Axiomatic had grown to ten times its original size, now sporting four specialist divisions and a general consulting team. In recent times we have grown our offering to address the whole spectrum of strategic human resource needs and look forward to adding value to our clients by pro-actively identifying potential issues and offering best practices and innovative solutions.

Our Destination

Axiomatic Consultants’ mission is to be regarded as the foremost specialist consulting firm in Africa. Our company is built around the simple concept that the client relationship always comes first. We recognise that our success heavily relies on cast-iron integrity and world-changing, insanely great, innovative advice. At Axiomatic we believe in long-term, focused partnerships with our clients on the journey to discovering their greatness and enhancing their reputation. All of our focus is dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive a value-added service which will allow them to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. By aligning ourselves to this philosophy, we believe that Axiomatic will be the number one Remuneration, Benefits, Payroll and strategic Human Resources consulting firm across Africa.