Axiomatic Payroll Integration With Success Factor

Why Axiomatic

Axiomatic Consultants is an independent company that specialises in furnishing a diverse   range of services relating to employee benefits, strategic remuneration consulting, strategy consulting and an African payroll service with a very clear focus on ensuring that the advice is integrated and cohesive within the overall business of the client. Special expertise has been developed relating to international factors affecting companies that operate on a global scale.

Axiomatic Consultants African MapAxiomatic’s payroll clients consist of several listed and non‐listed, international companies in 43 African countries. The success of Axiomatic, so far, can be attributed to the philosophy of forfeiting short‐term benefits in the interest of promoting and fostering enduring relationships with reputable clients whose business values, operating practices and vision we endorse and with whom we wish to be associated.

Additional information regarding our African payroll offering is available by following the link:  CLICK HERE

Our approach to Integration

Axiomatic has significant experience with integrating into other systems using Application Programming Interface (“API”) including the development and set-up of appropriate middleware. These interface exercises have ranged from rather simple interfaces to custom built solutions with a complete staging area with two bridges between various systems to ensure the data was “cleansed” and coupled with update logging, data quality validation and consistency.

Using the Payspace API functionality, as well as middleware, Axiomatic can integrate with most systems using our preferred solution – Flowgear.

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite can enable the shift from transactional human capital management (HCM) to end-to-end experiences — creating a more flexible, engaged workforce and a more resilient business.

As one of the world’s leading HRIS systems, SAP is already making huge impact on businessess across the globe. Globally there is a drive for both efficiency and the automation of procedures by utilising integration between HRIS systems and the payroll platform. This is easily achieved in more advanced economies – however, Africa has always presented a challenge to companies, due to the lack of technology and multi-country coverage. Now we offer a seamless option at competitive rates to achieve true integration in 42 African countries.

Axiomatic utilise the Payspace payroll platform which is a true cloud based system where we ensure full legislative delivery in all 42 African countries; a high-level helicopter overview of the system is detailed in Annexure A.

Powerful API allows you to access your employee data in order to utilise same in your business environment. You can also push data into PaySpace from third party systems. The platform is single instance and the uniformity in set-up across countries, significantly reduces costs in integration due to the ability to globally map templates.

This powerful payroll functionality combined with Flowgear’s internationally renowned platform, enables companies of all sizes to overcome data silos by creating powerful Application, Data and API integration on-premise and in the Cloud from a single interface.

Axiomatic Consultants SAP SuccessFactors

The three systems facilitate a custom built user interface, specifically designed to manage the data flows in an effective and efficient payroll process.

System Overview

Axiomatic Consultants PaySpace Workflow

Full system specification available on request.

User Interface

The custom user interface allows traditional log standing payroll protocols to still be followed while not losing the efficiency gained by interfacing. Our methodology retains the ability for payroll resources to review data and proactively manage changes before integration occurs.

Axiomatic Consultants PaySpace User Interface

A full user Manual is available on request.


There can be little to no doubt that integrating between these two vital systems is the future of the industry. With our extensive expertise, in both African payrolls and powerful technology and tools, we truly believe we can deliver a single scalable solution for your SuccessFactors environment in Africa.
We at Axiomatic would value the opportunity to manage the payroll for you and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the above in more detail.



All African countries are run centrally from Johannesburg on the PaySpace platform which in turn is housed on Microsoft Azure. The payroll platform has an ISO27001 certification; this can be supplied if required.

The platform is cloud-based but is subject to strong definable security access controls. All access to PaySpace is governed by strict password security policies and all passwords are stored in encrypted format within the encrypted database, providing a double layer of security. 128 bit SSL encryption is present on every form within the system which ensures that information is encrypted during transmission. In addition, because 128 bit SSL encryption is present on every form within the system, the information is encrypted during transmission between the servers and a browser. Further, the entire database is encrypted at rest.

PaySpace is powered by a single instance, multi-tenant architecture, in which all users and applications share a single, common infrastructure i.e. database, and code base but is logically unique for each customer. Authorization and security policies ensure that each customer’s data is kept separate from that of other customers through the use of a TenantID field which associates each record, across multiple tables, with an individual tenant.

The PaySpace payroll platform is tax compliant in all countries in scope. However, in order to ensure good governance, Axiomatic has a Tax Team of 4 senior employees who guarantee tax compliance. This involves a constant verification of PaySpace tax calculations by doing manual independent tax audits on the system. Further, any legislative changes (either interim or announced in the annual Budget) are examined and independent tax checks are conducted to ensure that the PaySpace system changes are correct.

Client Access: All access to system is strictly controlled and is governed by customisable security access rights which are formulated with the client during the Implementation phase.  An authorisation protocol will be developed during this Phase. This would include inter alia, a permission/ authorisation hierarchy- the correct designated and authorised client person can be given access rights to view data and generate reports for specific or all countries.

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