As operating costs continue to rise, effective methods of attracting and retaining talent are becoming increasingly important determinants of productivity and ultimately profitability. Businesses commit valuable time, money and resources to attract and retain talent. However, do these investments translate into the intended results? To really be effective, reward solutions need to be flexible, integrated, concise and actually understood, so that employees can make informed choices, in real time.

As part of their market engagement initiatives, Axiomatic Consultants will be presenting at The Future of HR Summit and Awards event to be held on 20 and 21 July this year at Gallagher Convention Centre. This prestigious event will comprise world class speakers, panel discussions, case studies, workshops, fast track networking events and a cocktail evening. As the leading provider of compliant and innovative strategic rewards solutions in Africa, Axiomatic Consultants will present real-world case studies where they will expose the pitfalls and reveal the practices for definitive employee value chain enhancement.

“Given that our fit-for-purpose solutions are aligned with business objectives and strategies which, combined with all aspects of employee benefits, positions our clients as employers of choice, we believe that we will make a valuable contribution at this event”, says Brett Hopkins, principal consultant at Axiomatic Consultants.

Axiomatic delivers integrated, game-changing, solutions across employment value chains. Their steadfast reputation in Africa, built by relentless passion for excellence, ensures that employees reach their potential and employers gain competitive advantages.

Axiomatic’s high success rates stem from being driven, innovative and helpful. Projects are handled with meticulousness and professionalism, as is evidenced by long and trusted relationships with multinational, regional and local companies.

“In addition to presenting at this prominent event, we look forward to interacting with industry participants and stakeholders”, said Hopkins.

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