Due to the changes in the labour relations act, one of our clients was required to convert approximately 1,500 fixed term contractors, who were employed by a Labour broker, to full time employees with benefits.

A major challenge facing the client in this exercise is that it involved a significant number of employees, all of which had to be offered options in relation to the flexible benefits that the employer offered which included flexible pension contributions, medical aid and parent funeral cover. Additionally, payroll had to be able to load up all these new employees, with all necessary information in a specific format.

The client planned to involve a number of HR practitioners, where they would process each employee and they needed a tool that would assist in this process, or else they risked doing it via manual forms.

Axiomatic Analytics & Solutions developed a solution that utilised our existing on boarding tools and that allowed the HR practitioners to pull up the employees personal information, then offer all the various options, while showing them the real time impact that these decisions would have on their take home pay (including on the taxable implications)

Once the employee had made their selection, their decisions were recorded onto a Masterfile that would could be seamlessly uploaded onto Payroll. We amended the tool to build in critical validation checks that ensured that critical information would need to be completed.