According to best practice guidelines it is beneficial to review your job descriptions every 5-10 years or after a major structural change. The client had requested that an impartial third party review all the existing job descriptions, by reviewing current job descriptions and distributing a job analysis questionnaire for all staff members to complete. This information was combined into the new job descriptions. Furthermore, we developed a bespoke functional and behavioral competency framework that spoke directly to their corporate values and the environment in which they operate in.

The end product had the functional and behavioral competency frameworks mapped against the accountabilities and decision-making levels identified for each role. Furthermore, each job description was written with the whole department in mind and ensuring there was no overlap of accountabilities in the role across the hierarchy, but it was possible to develop a success plan within the company. This project was also beneficial as it identified potential gaps within department and as the company had evolved certain redundant roles.

The main aim of this project was to ensure the client received a functional and behavioral competency framework and the collated job description that would not only assist during the recruitment and selection phase but go further and assist in the foundation phase of performance management and success planning.