Consistent with our approach of solving our client’s problems, Axiomatic African Payroll was formed to ameliorate the myriad of difficulties experienced when running a payroll in multiple African countries.

Choosing a payroll service provider is fraught with danger and is a complex task where the company must ensure that the provider has the ability to pay their employees, determine and deduct the appropriate taxes, furnish General Ledger accounting records and process year-end tax reporting requirements. However, when the payroll is situated in an African country, a different level of expertise is required in order to ensure that the correct tax and statutory deductions are made as well as the successful implementation of a control mechanism to ensure that these deductions are paid timeously to the relevant authorities.

The implementation of a single payroll for all African countries is difficult. However, the competitive advantage which accrues to a company which manages to achieve this lofty objective is great – financial controls are enhanced by having a single payroll provider with one contact and one conduit for cash flow – a “One Touch Point solution”.


  • Facilitation of multi-currency payments throughout Africa
  • Mitigation of reputational risks
  • Consolidated multi-currency reporting
  • Multiple integration possibilities
  • Online employee self service
  • BI Reporting
  • One touch point
  • Executing Human Capital Strategy