We pride ourselves in our ability to provide world class, bespoke reward solutions that address specific needs, whilst simultaneously ensuring that such solutions are compatible with and complement our client’s goals, strategy and business objectives. Every effort is made to ensure that our offering is progressive, innovative and is designed to deliver for our clients, a competitive advantage in their respective industry.

The success of any organisation’s Reward Strategy depends primarily on the accuracy, relevance and fairness of the underlying rewards structure. At Axiomatic Reward, we assist organisations to achieve their Strategic Reward goals by creating or enhancing their Reward Strategy. We also provide organisations with the appropriate tools deliver a coherent, consistent and competitive Reward Structure. These are described in greater detail below.

Job Profiling

All jobs exist within an organisation to accomplish a desired outcome, with the underlying focus being the achievement of the business goals and strategy.  It is crucial therefore to have well-designed and clear job descriptions.  Axiomatic Reward has developed a simple tool to help HR professionals write exceptional Job Descriptions which act as the foundation for the following processes; recruitment, defining the organisational structure, establishment of career paths, succession planning, salary benchmarking & pay scale design, performance management and so much more.

Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation examines the contents and requirements of jobs and measures these according to a standard and objective procedure. Axiomatic Reward achieves this through AxioJob, our online Job Evaluation system. We use a unique factor based methodology to accurately measure both the job content as well as the job context, and it can be correlated to all international grading systems.  It guarantees both objectivity and transparency when measuring roles, crucial for the promotion of fair labour practices. AxioJob was designed with absolute simplicity in mind allowing HR professionals to conduct their own Job Evaluation exercise and thus, not have to rely on expensive consultants.

Organisational Design

Does your current organisational structure facilitate the achievement of the company’s mission and strategy?  Is the current structure flexible enough to cope with changing business and market conditions?  Does your current structure facilitate succession planning and staff retention? Axiomatic Reward has integrated tools and processes which will assist you in achieving these objectives and more. We can assist in ensuring your current organisational design is appropriate, aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of the business and that same conforms to current “best of breed”.

Pay Scales

Axiomatic Reward assists organisations to formulate equitable and competitive pay scales.  The design of a cogent salary scale is a crucial ingredient for a company looking to be considered an “Employer of Choice”.  Our integrated pay scales will enable you to guarantee equitable pay practices permeate your entire organisation.

Salary Benchmarking

Precise and appropriate salary data is essential to establishing accurate and functional benchmarks, and effectively managing the cost of human capital. Axiomatic Reward offers comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s pay practice against market remuneration practices.  Uniquely, Axiomatic operates as a salary benchmark broker. In this manner, you will receive an objective recommendation of the most appropriate salary survey for your needs, based on factors such as your industry, organisation size, comparators, survey price etc. Data is not everything, and we pride ourselves in furnishing value-added insights which allows organisations to remain competitive in their pay practices.  Our unique approach will enable you to devise a Reward policy which facilitates talent attraction retention, as well as staff engagement.

Policy Strategy

Our technical specialists can assist your organisation to review and improve or develop afresh a world beating Reward Strategy and supporting policy documents. This document will align to prevailing Labour Legislation, and incorporate both the concepts of “best practice” as well as “best fit”, taking into consideration that no organisation is the same. Our cohesive strategies and policies can then be used to guide all remuneration decisions within your organisation.

Remuneration Compliance

Axiomatic Reward has extensive experience in conducting remuneration audits. Our comprehensive and robust audit process will identify areas of risk and non-compliance with prevailing labour legislation, particularly in reference to equal pay for work of equal value. In addition, organisations are provided with a comprehensive plan detailing how to effectively remedy any areas of risk.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Axiomatic Reward’s Employee Engagement Surveys enable your organization to achieve indispensable insight by effectively translating input from your people. We help our clients drive performance cultures, improve the return on talent investments and deliver measurable business results.