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Axiomatic Analytics & Solutions aims to provide cost effective “Quick Deployment” applications that enable our clients to develop robust, inexpensive solutions that can address their needs. The software environment has evolved to the extent that there is an abundance of “ready-made” solutions that companies are able to leverage off of without incurring unnecessary costs. Importantly, these solutions can be deployed within the organisation’s existing software and hardware framework. This means that our clients do not to commit to expensive system deployment with 6 month timelines.

Our applications are client-need driven and vary from developing applications that manage leave, incentives and expense claims. The true benefit of Axiomatic Analytics & Solutions is that our experience lies within both the payroll and compensation & benefits environment, allowing us to consider the holistic impact of different processes. Our more popular applications that we have developed and deployed include Overtime solutions, On-boarding applications and Payroll Package Calculators.

Our aim is to ensure that we are able to implement these tools within a two week period. The development of our applications are designed to complement the clients processes and practices and thus keep cost of ownership low, avoiding or reducing extreme change management  and keeping the skills firmly within the organisation.

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Package Calculator

For Clients who are interested in introducing a tool that produces a payslip for employees and can be used to determine increases. The tool is able to incorporate unique pay grade benchmarking and allows the user to gross up the packages to determine what salary would result in a desired net after Tax, pension/provident and other deductions. The tool is highly customisable and will match your payroll environment to account for retirement contributions, medical aid, travel allowance, commission and other employer benefits. We can also incorporate all type of employer unique deductions. This tool has been deployed in South Africa and in all major economic regions in Africa.

On Boarding

Axiomatic Analytics & Solutions has developed a solution that aims to assist HR partners with the on-boarding of new employees. The process typically contains duplications, manual work and exposes the employer to risk. These risks include employment contracts being issued that are out of date, contain typos or include clauses that may not be applicable to the individual. 

Axiomatic Analytics & Solutions has developed an on-boarding tool that can assist the user with the on-boarding process. Using your standard Microsoft Office suite, an electronic form is provided where the user can capture the candidate information. Axiomatic Analytics & Solutions will develop a solution in which the organisation’s HR and Payroll framework is reflected in the process. It will provide the user with prompts and tools that give them immediate  information regarding the role and the candidate.

Once complete, the tool will generate a copy of pro-forma payslip, a completed employment contract and a summary of engagement. The Pro-forma payslip will match organisation’s payroll setup, while the letter of engagement will be generated from a standard and approved copy of the employment contract. Once any new contract template is deployed, all new hires will automatically use that template. This solution can be hosted online, within a secure SharePoint environment (for as little as R199 a month*) or contained within your  own server environment.

Bi Reporting

Intelligent reporting can be produced as a result of certain tools. For instance, overtime transactions that have been consolidated over several periods, can be exploited to chart trends on overtime or combined with existing payroll data to make informed business decisions based on comprehensive, factual and reliable data to feed into a departments/organisations holistic strategic goals.